Match! is an easy-to-use software for phase analysis using powder diffraction data. It compares the diffraction pattern of your sample to a database containing reference patterns to identify the phases that are present. For this, Match! offers an innovative profile fitting search-match (PFSM) functionality, in addition to the proven peak-based search-match. Additional knowledge about the sample (like elements) can be applied easily.

In addition to this qualitative analysis, a quantitative analysis can be performed, using RIR, Rietveld, DOC or internal standard method refinement.

As reference database, you can apply the included free-of-charge COD database and/or any ICDD PDF product and/or your own diffraction patterns or crystal structure data.

You can easily setup and run Rietveld refinements from within Match!, with the actual calculations being performed automatically, using the well-known program FullProf (by J. Rodriguez-Carvajal) in the background. Match! provides a gentle introduction into Rietveld refinement, from fully automatic operation to the "Expert" mode.

The software runs natively on Windows, macOS and Linux.